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Anonymous asked: I saw in your twitter that you're done with WOY, what are you going to do next?

Something super secret!

But actually I have no idea what I can say or when I can say it, so much like when I started on WOY, I have to keep quiet.

Anonymous asked: Hi NIC just wondering if you have done tutorial of sort on how you sketch out your fem characters, i adore their style

In my last livestream I kind of did some tutorial drawing. That said, in my sketches all the lines I use are there. I don’t really erase the under drawing, so you should be able to look at a sketch (that isn’t blurry and crappy…) and see all the structure and basic shapes in them.

Every line is there for a reason.

ittybittyskitty12 asked: Hi! Idk if you'll remember me but I messaged you a while back asking you about using some of your art as reference and you were so nice about it! My drawing has improved quite a bit :3 I saw that you had put up a little tutorial on guys but I was wondering if you could put up more please? Everytime I draw guys they come out looking awkward and lanky. I just don't know guy proportions well enough :( if you could help me again I would love it so much, thank you ^_^

Of course I remember you! I’ve been letting this rot in my asks for a long time… I’d like to post more tutorials, but I’m super busy atm.

That said, I very rarely draw dudes who aren’t awkward and lanky haha. Its my preference when drawing. I also wouldn’t say the ones I draw are very masculine…

The best text advice I can give is for guys to carry weight up top and for ladies to carry weight down low. Think triangles. Your “average” image of a guy is wide shoulders, narrow hips tapering to feet. A larger man may have a waist that’s larger than his shoulders, but his mass will still be higher (up in the torso) than a larger lady (who would carry a lot in the waist, but also in the hips).

You can play with this of course, but its a good starting point. A woman who carries a lot of weight up in her torso, via shoulders and mass, not just breasts, will feel very different from a stock-woman. Same with a man who carries his weight a little lower, or ever a little more evenly, as if he were a rectangle.

But stock/average people all the time make for boring drawings, so draw lots of shapes and draw the people differently!

Hopefully when I’m settled into my new place I can sit and have a more interactive livestream where I answer questions like this.

amsuherdi1111 asked: Hi! just wanna ask, what's the purpose of sketching with red/blue pencil? /:\

I’m amazed at how often this question comes up. I’ve drawn in coloured pencils for years (col-erase or other erasable brands), and prefer it to graphite.

If I want to clean up drawings (as in my ink-in-progress post below), its easier to see whats done and isn’t done, and I can also go over the sketch in graphite if I want to bring it to a more finished sketch.

That said, I rarely finish my sketches. The main reason is I prefer it. Coloured pencils that are made to erase have a wax content that allows for partial erasing, but also allows you to build on your lines without having them smudge. Graphite is super smudgy and I work all over my sketches, developing them as a whole. Unless you work from the top left of a piece systematically down to the bottom (or top right and down if you’re a lefty) you’re smudging all over the place, or at least I am.

As for the colour, red is purely preference. I like to add blushes and accents with it, and I can phase it out of finished pieces. I’ve used some kind of red pencil for about 5 or 6 years now, dropping other colours in when I have to.

I drew lots o things!

thefantastician asked: HI! I hear you work for Mercury Filmworks, and I was wondering if you could give me any tips to prepare a neat-o portfolio to show to them! Keep up the great work regardless!

Thank you! I do work there. If you’re applying for animation, I’d recommend taking a look at their stuff. Animation at Mercury is #1. If you don’t know toonboom harmony, be up front about it. They trained me from the ground up, and it’s an intuitive software. The thing they care about most is that you have an understanding of weight, movement and acting. If you’re applying for anything else, well, I’m probably not much help.

After a (quick) perusal of your tumblr, I’d suggest to look at stronger posing, and offsetting the timing in your animation. Both of these things will help keep things visually interesting.

Strong posing" refers to keeping your silhouettes clear and avoiding tangents. To test out your silhouette, just fill in a drawing. You should still be able to tell what’s going on in the pose. Tangents are a little trickier and just take time to see. Basically, lines shouldn’t be uncomfortably intersecting or drawing attention to themselves. This is troublesome on faces sometimes. But your main poses should be super clear and clean.

Strengthening my posing, even in my illustrations, is something I’m constantly working on myself.

Offsetting timing" in animation (keep in mind, there are only some gifs, I’m not in any way judging your ability to animate off of them) means that everything shouldn’t move at once. This is something we’ve worked on that had some really good opportunities for followthrough and overlap on the troll as he gets bigger, and Wander and Sylvia always have quite a bit on their hair and the hat. You should also be able to see how the poses work together, and the silhouettes are usually quite strong.

Hope that helps!

Wow that was longer than I meant it to be.

Addendum from a fellow and more senior Merc employee:
littledigits said: also ! when submitting demo reels keep them short and show us your best stuff ! Dont fill up the reel just for the sake of it..make the first clip the best. A solid acting scene is always a great choice.

spicedwolf13 asked: Oops!! Lol I meant sailor Saturn and sailor moon (though she is kinda annoying)

Whatever, Serena always has a special place in my heart <3

These boots were made for walkin’ and that’s just what they’ll do…

For GDG’s BOOTS theme week.

spicedwolf13 asked: Who is your favorite sailor scout? Mine is sailor Saturn and

And WHO?! It’s a mystery.

My favourite in the main group was Jupiter, but my favourite scout was always Neptune <3



So…Nic Ter Horst’s art is pretty awesome, you guys.
Check out her art at

Hey this is super cute! :D Thanks!

royal3rd asked: I saw that u have a couple of drawings that looked like u were planning to make a comic, and if so then wat plans do u have in doing it?

I don’t have any plans per se. I’d like to clean up what I have so far and do some little animations, but thats about it.


Anonymous asked: Your art style is super cute I love it

Thank you!

She is the one - Sailor Moon!

Watch me do it on Livestream!

Hey look I made some drawings during my livestream to go with that last ask. These pictures are… mostly nonsense?