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Bianca Boom Boom! @biancaboomboom
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An #inktober nymph

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harleyhuang asked:
YOU'RE ANSWERING THINGS RIGHT NOW!? Just wanted to say hi. And your art is lovely. And your names as cool as penguins.

Thank you! I answer asks when I get em. Which isn’t often - feel free to send more!

Also penguins are pretty cool, so I take that as a very high compliment.

maren-collet asked:
No questions! Just want to let you know that I just found your tumblr here and: I love it! Your work is sexy, elegant and my kind of humor! Lovely!!!

Thank you so much!! <3 <3 <3 

rcatgalaxy asked:
I just found your blog today and I love it so much! May I ask, what is your artistic inspiration?

Reposting from a previous ask:

My inspirations are (surprise surprise) a lot of pin up artists.
I love the vintage pin ups of Gil ElvgrenOliver Hurst, and I can’t remember the guy’s name, but I really like the one who did most of the Jantzen ads too. 
I also look at a lot of burlesque and pin up photography, vintage and recent. Marilyn Monroe is probably my favourite real person to draw from.
As for contemporary artists… Bill Presing andChris Sanders are who really got my into pin up.Shane Glines and Craig McCraken (specifically through working on WOY), have really influenced my more recent style. 
Opacity?We started a tumblr for people at my work, this is it!

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Finally a new finished piece! Coco FramboisePatreon | Facebook | Livestream | Etsy | Pintrest | Portfolio
Loving this sketch of Lucky Minx, can’t wait to finish it up!

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A little preview of my piece for the Skate or Die show at LGAL! lightgreyartgallery

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Ava Noir

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The triple B with the double Ds! Miss Bianca Boom Boom 

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A sketch from the other night - Chaos Devine!

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generalcrimson asked:
You use a macbook pro correct, do you have any instructions on how to stream from it?

Actually I stream from an imac. I don’t know much about it except that I use livestream? You just set the stream to “no camera” and pick a desktop.

Get an ethernet cable though. Doing it over wifi is such bs :/

coolclit asked:
the way you draw legs and feet literally kills me! holy moly, so cute~

Haha thank you! :D