The compression is pretty grainy but I haven’t posted much recently, so here you go! My most recent sketch - Kitty Littéur

A little preview from tonight’s livestream!

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Rolf Armstrong

This is some darn good reference.

goddamn-gryffindor asked: hello lovely, i saw your drawings and i just wanted to ask if i could sort of use your body types as i am only in highschool and i have troubles drawing bigger women. also by using i mean looking at your drawings as assistance while i draw, thank you xx

Hi! Feel free to use my drawings, redraw them, repurpose them, all I ask is that you link back to me and the original images you used if you’re posting them online. I have no problem with my drawings being used as a learning tool. :)

Anonymous asked: What dimensions do you use in photoshop?

Depends on the piece. I like to work as large as I can, usually the smallest I go is 16X25”

Thanks to everyone who joined me for my livestream earlier! To watch me ink this piece, head over here to take a look!

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Anonymous asked: What brush do you use for your line art?

The default photoshop circle brush. I adjust the pressure sensitivity a bit, and make sure the spacing is set to 0%

First Public Stream!! by Nic ter Horst ›

Come join me for my first livestream available to everyone! :D

No account necessary, come drop in!

EDIT: Thanks for joining!

Thank you to my Patreon supporters for making this a reality.

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Anonymous asked: I love your work! Would you mind if I got some of it tattooed?

Omg if you do you beed to show me, that is the only catch.

I would love to see my artwork on someone ❤️

I doodled a batgirl a while back! batgirlofburnside

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Did a little more livestreaming today! There’s a little preview of the batgirl fan art I did for the Trinquette Weekly Challenge as well! I’ll post that here after the results go up.

If you enjoyed today’s livestream, please think of supporting me! I want to keep these livestreams archived, and allow everyone to view the archive without a livestream account, as well as make more time for fun little things like this, and donations of even $1/month will help me do all of those things for you! :)

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ledodesign asked: amazing work! what do you use to animate?

I tried out flash for this one, but when I make gifs I usually do them in photoshop.

I’d like to use toonboom, but I don’t have it :( I’ve used Harmony for work and really enjoy it.

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Weird question. Are you going to color this?

Unfortuantely, no. It was tough enough to clean it up as it is! If anything I might come back and refine the animation a bit, but I also find it’s good to move on and just make the next thing better, so we’ll see what happens :)

I animated a little shimmy during a livestream tonight! Check it out.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m really happy with those nipple tassels.

Also, if you think this is fun, please support me! I want to keep these livestreams archived, and allow everyone to view the archive without a livestream account, as well as make more time for fun little things like this, and donations will help me do all of those things! :)

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